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Internships for students

These internships are intended for students of all levels and all specialities who have to carry out a professional internship during their studies. Their duration can vary from 3 weeks to 9 months.

The internships are prospected according to four criteria:

  • Respecting the required criteria of the diploma
  • Technical capabilities
  • Linguistic abilities
  • Motivation and adaptability

Parallel to the host company search itself, EPN also offers candidates a range of services which can each be taken up if desired:

How to apply ?

  • Download the application form and the CV that you will find in the Downloads section, fill them in and send to the address epn@euplanet.net
  • After receiving your application you will be contacted by one of our consultants.
  • During a Skype interview with one of our consultants, they will examine the feasibility of your project and determine the likelihood that we can find an internship matching your profile. They will also examine the conten of your project (analysing your training/education, your experience and language skills).
  • You then send by email a set of documents needed to begin researching your internship (quotes, contracts, CV template, ...).
  • The act of sending the complete files marks the beginning of the investment contract.
  • From that moment, any cancellation will result in the billing of services. However, if we fail to find a company corresponding to your request no fee will be charged.
  • Once we find a suitable placement in a host company, we will send you all the necessary details for your internship (accommodation, contact information about the company, contact name etc).
  • If a language course is planned before you start your internship, we will also send you information about it.
  • During the course we will contact you regularly (by email and telephone) to determine if all goes well and you can contact us.
  • Finally, an assessment will be organised at the end of your internship.