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Accomodating a trainee

Objective of the course

Enable young people to exercise a first professional experience in a company, an association, or a public or semi-public administration character, conduct language courses in another region, to discover and develop a European awareness and to get a certificate of internships.

The internship will consist of two parts (except in the case of an internship of less than 4 weeks where there is no language course) :

the trainee undertakes a language course outside the workplace, delivered by an approved professional language centre. This course takes place before the work placement and is organized by EPN.

The host company accommodates the trainee for a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 6 months.

Working conditions

During the internship, the trainee will be subject to the regulations of the host company, in particular with regard to schedules of work, and will be placed under the authority of the manager of the company. The working hours of the trainee correspond to the legal weekly duration enforced by the company. The program of the internship is defined in agreement with the internship tutor within the host company, who will monitor and evaluate the trainee. As regards the practical application of theoretical knowledge of the trainee, the company must give the trainee tasks and responsibilities that correspond with the qualifications and skills set out in the diploma they are studying towards.

Status of the trainee

The trainee benefits from the status of student or job-seeker in training and remains under the authority of EPN throughout the internship.
The trainee is not integrated in the staff of the host company. However, it is the responsibility of the company to cover possible social security costs related with the reception of trainees. The trainee can claim no salary from the host company. However, the company can, if they wish, pay some compensation.

Social protection, civil liabilities, repatriation

The trainee benefits from the social security of his country of origin and is provided with a European Health card before arrival. Non-EU trainees will have to make sure that they are covered by private health insurance for the duration of their internship. Moreover, the trainee is personally insured throughout the internship in the matters of Civil liabilities and Repatriation.

Discretion and confidentiality

During the stay, the trainee promises to comply with the general discipline rules of the host company and in particular the bond of discretion and confidentiality.

Commitments of the host company

  • To take the necessary measures so that the trainee can put into practice their professional knowledge and skills.
  • To ensure monitoring and evaluation of the trainee in the company and to inform EPN of any difficulty encountered with the trainee.
  • To inform EPN of any absence during the internship and to fill in, with the trainee, a certificate of internship.
  • Termination of the internship: the internship can be stopped on the initiative of each part in the event of non respect of these commitments.