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European Placement Network

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EPN will accompany you throughout your professional career
leading to successful integration into working life

Looking for an internship in Europe as part of your studies ?
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More than 30 destinations in 12 countries

Boost your CV with international experience

Why choose us ?

  • We contact companies according to your profile, your skills and your expectations of the placement
  • If we do not find a host company to accommodate you, no expenses will be invoiced to you

Doing an internship in a company far from home does not mean that you are alone. We will always be available to help you get the most out of this unique experience.

  • Each request for internship is examined carefully and you will be systematically contacted by one of our advisors for an interview, allowing them to clearly identify your expectations
  • For the entire duration of your internship our team will help you to solve any problems you may experience
  • In the event of a serious problem, one of our team will go to the site to assist you
We commit to providing you with an answer on the probability of success within a period of 30 days after receiving your complete file.


Why do an internship abroad ?

This question often comes up at the many open days we organize and attend.
First of all, an experience in a company abroad is an excellent way to start your professional career.
European studies show that nearly 80% of people who carried out an internship abroad found a job within 3 months after returning. (source: Eurodyssée program).
What's more, these internships are an excellent way to develop your skills, both linguistic and technical, but also to develop your personal skills (autonomy, self-confidence, initiative and many more).
Lastly, an internship in a company allows true immersion in the daily life of the country’s people, giving you much more than just a holiday or just studying at a language school.
During this experience, you can share the country's values and all the wealth of their culture.
Why wait ? European Placement Network is the partner company that can give you access to this amazing experience !!!

Our offices:

EPN Manchester Office
Citibase, Suite 326
40 Princess Street
Manchester M1 6DE
email: coordinators@epnuk.com

EPN Bristol Office
Bristol & Exeter House, Lower Approach Road
Office S9, Brisol, BS1 6QS
Tel: +44 (0) 1179 300 425
Email: coordinators@epnuk.com